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It’s useless to try and stand still, living finitely on this planet
Because this earth carries me with it at such a great speed

If you try to stand still, you’re still going 1400km/h
You can’t run against the earth’s rotation

“You can’t stand still to avoid standing still”
I don’t understand why
I stand still because I’m helpless either way; I guess it doesn’t matter what I do

I, trying not to lose hope, now face a future where I don’t know how much I’ll be walking backwards
Because even if I tried again to throw away that thing which I made myself hand over
I’ll give the next future to that hand that has become empty

In the future where I was worried in my place of refuge
I made it in advance, because I knew I’d be helpless
When I accidentally saw myself
I could see myself in my bloodshot eyes

In the corner of my room I hid away in
Even in the bed I wrapped myself in
With all my might I clung to what was near

“Are you okay?” “No, I’m still not”
“well are you okay now?” “You’re quite insistent”
Do you not know how to give up?
What do you call a plan like yours?

How much will I soon discover in the future if I try to walk covering my head? How far will I be taken?
Even If I get angry again at getting overtaken, I’ll never try to pass again
Like the moon floating in the night

I won’t go in front or behind for you
I’ll just have to move in a small box
Because there’s nothing further than in front or behind*

“I will never be an influence on anyone”
“Give up already, it’s been so long”
“But in the end, please clear your ears”

From somewhere, I hear a voice
“If it’s a future where you are going to throw everything away
Please give it to me, I’ll make you use it carefully”

And I finally realized, softly, you strongly held me
Because when I was born, it was something I took

Far away, I shout to you
“From now on, wait before you go”
You, who has tears floating in your eyes
Was the thing in my future


This is actually one of my favourite songs. Really nice intro, melody, instrumentals, solo, lyrics

*I’m not sure at all about this section. I can’t figure out where to put the pronouns, so it’s hard to determine what’s actually being said.
But other than that, I’m pretty sure about the rest of the song.


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