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Most played Aqua Timez songs

Well, here are the Aqua Timez songs I’ve played the most

Himawari 96
Shiroi Mori 91
1mm 90
Sen no Yoru wo Koete 82
Yoru no Hate 78

Makes sense, I love all those songs…

and least,

Shiori 15
Isshou Seishun 18
Mastermind 18
green-bird 18
No Live, No Life 19

Just the ones I’ve listened to on itunes. If anyone else wants to post theirs, that would be.. interesting to read good.


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Under this big tree wrapped up by the wind, I’m going to sing my dream
A dream of the time where I walked alone, searching for a four-leaved clover
In my chest, only flickering loneliness lit up the road
I got tired of waiting for the light, and always only that illuminated the road
In that meeting with you, we could have understood each other
We could have shared the nights one by one
Understanding couldn’t come from words, in our chests we concealed our loneliness
You gently stroked these lips which continue to lie
Finally, I was able to be myself

A song which couldn’t be heard, overflowing tears
The sky and earth took them all away for me
I started to live believing that every person is “alone”
And until I met you, I kept on believing that

Hiding my weaknesses because I don’t have the courage to love someone as I am now
When I almost couldn’t see the real me, I tried to run to a far off place

Cutting the blue off of a picture, I attach it to my own sky
I want a bluer sky, and wishing so will bring everyone together, right?
Smiles aren’t a thing which can be built, from the depths of the heart they overflow, right?
“Thank you” isn’t a thing which you have to try and say
It just naturally breaks out, don’t you think?
I realized that I was thinking I had to be happier then everyone then everyone else, but I didn’t realize it
Comparing myself until I became something which couldn’t be compared, I attached chains to my body
Because I cried in the way of a far off place of pain, I looked through a lens
And only the best things were loved

When I thought that I should search, I found that humans are living things are full of weaknesses
And that there is no reason to be loved
I, who searched for myself, found a mistake didn’t I?

Aimlessly going around, doing so in order to drift around
Always choosing to be “alone”
Despite that, smiles and happiness come from inside of contact
They are things which will keep blooming all over

Although such a thing could exist in a place without scars
I had ran away from facing you
Hiding my eyes from everything
On the other side of these eyelids, I sketched a perfect world
Beyond the flickering, when I searched for love, a drop of a prayer overflowed
With a frail thumb, you, who was full of scars, wiped my tears

Under this big tree wrapped up by the wind, I’m going to be with only you
On the limp eyelids of the sleeping you, I’m going to gently drop a kiss


Too lazy to comment.

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I wonder

If the person who requested a translation of one to mognet even checked the fact that there are already 2 quite good translations of it?

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Grandpa once said, even when becoming this age
Understand each other is still very hard too do
Grandpa once spilt, even when becoming this age
Being able to be seperated from each other is still a very scary thing

Sitting deep down on a chair, looking out to a far off place
In his eyes, the swaing loneliess was only grandpa’s

But I too understand it, if only a bit
I too, want to deeply love someone someday
Like you, who loved grandma wholeheartedly

Father once said, whatever is happening
A boy protects a girl
After that, it continued on in this way
When it didn’t, you protected mother

You never raised your voice, and reason lined up sometimes
Like a quiet lake, I was taught by your actions

I understand now, if only just a little
Thinking importantly and doing importantly are different
Because you quietly loved us

Whether it’s a parent and child or a man and a woman
You should save the wonderful memories with some love, don’t you think?

“Such memories like that have not happened to me”
If you’re going to say that, then from now on, won’t you sketch them?

Towards the brand-new tomororow, I’m loading on my paint of hope


okay well the other one was old too so

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On an afternoon that blazed down on me, there was a flickering heat haze
Although I wanted a rainfall, the sun was overwhelming
“It’s all been better than last year, I feel warm”
In this year’s summer I’ve already began to say that to myself

Riding on the back of a whale cloud, I looked out at the world
I wonder if such deep thoughts of mine will become tiny ones

Dozing off to a faint world under the shade of a tree on a summer day
Swaying radiantly, reality dissolves away
Like  repeating waves, the light is in eternity’s rhythm
Like that time, where I tried to call out your name over and over

A blue bird dissolved into that same sky
How many things have finished crossing into this season?
That dream-story was hidden in the light of a moment forever
Suddenly, what reached out to my hand just disappeared
Without being able to forget that radiance, people set off on a journey to the limit of oblivion
Stars won’t shine in broad daylight; radiance is a fleeting thing
Loving, that in itself isn’t a thing which is taught to anyone
Thus whether I eat, move, sleep, I continue to think about one person
It’s nature’s rhythm

In a picture of  a spring day, there’s the imprisoned light and wind
You said goodbye with a smile, giving me a small wave of your hand
Even though it’s already becoming fall, I can’t make you a memory yet
Even now, as I remember you
I hide a sigh in the wind


This is my third time translating, so it better be good.

This was really easy, I don’t think I was ever stuck for a second..

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The time is 2006, and we’re building eternal dreams; it is glory
Bring back myself to reality, get back myself, my soul
Without an end, singing to my own accompaniment of my spirit
Midnight’s pen and paper, it’s surface, back, and itself
Come now, it’s the entrance to a quest
There is one subject to the words: living things which wander around inside the wind – humans

If eternity could be completely imprisoned in that hand, then people…

Everyone was scared of the whereabouts of love, somewhere in the heart
I thought I could run away from it if I pretended to not realize,
Back then…

Regret, attachment, love, habits
At any rate, time will take all away
Even this depression too, it’s hard to say if it’s actually mine
Endless just desire and suffering
Nothing but a vocal solo, putting a thousand blow into a microphone
Explosions and silence, riding on a double-helix, a journey of running through

I deceive my pain by getting it to believe in can take shelter in warm memories
But this voice and this body exist to live for today, not the past

The clouds which hide the blue of the sky keep clearing up and breaking off into many pieces
“Tears will certainly continue to exist” is the truth
If what I have obtained were to disappear, and only what I have given were to remain
I would want to leave behind kind feelings in the hearts of the people I love

Should I refuse to take this depression?
Should I choose to laugh at this pain?

Everyone was scared of the whereabouts of love, somewhere in the heart
I thought I could run away from it if I pretended to not realize
There are separations in this world we can’t avoid no matter how hard we try
But even if we rest, let’s still ultimately move forward
Even 1mm a day is fine

The other one was…. outdated

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Sweet missed fragments of summer, still shared in my young heart
At that time, when I wanted to fly in the sky that reflected every dream in these eyes,
I simply closed my eyes
I didn’t even realize it, but I’ve now forgotten how to fly in that sky
I’ve became so good at telling lies, and excuses
The key to those dreams has been locked up inside of my chest

Contrary to what I’ve lost, what have I actually put into my hand?
Although this won’t end unfortunately, for some reason I keep letting sighs spill

During those far-off days, we saw everything radiate under the summer sky
Again, there’s a matured singing voice in the light

I’m going to try and read this story from end to beginning, try and face the start of it
Looking for the reason for sadness, there were people who met with each other
The depth of falling love, two people who didn’t know the future
They thought of scribbling graffiti of love, the best they could
Without realizing that wall was just a dead-end

With a still-inserted light pink bookmark, still sleeping soundly
Holding tightly it’s hope that the joy of chance-meetings would go on to tomorrow

On those far-off days, we passed the time treating our  tattered promises like treasures
Again, there’s the unradiant charm of a name called eternity

On those far-off days, we just climbed that hill road with our rusted bicycles…

The flowers bloom, the wind blows
The sun never changed at that time, it kept on lighting up the world
The youth of today too, will keep on living quietly
Under the perfectly clear autumn sky


This song brings back memories, and it’s only about half a year old xD

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