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A live of kirakira + some more

those are some lives, but only of singles

this is kirakira v

edit: heres one of niji

there are violins there…


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Opening my window, I breath in the night
When spinning a silver dream, changing my guitar’s strings
Like a threads of string, gray sadness is piling up at my feet, beginning to lie thick
Without people being able to love others as much as they can, they can be stricken with grief
I don’t understand why, so I struggle for an answer
Although I only want to say thank you
Nothing but apologies are piling up

I wonder if not sleeping comes from wanting to sleep
I wonder if not getting someone to understand comes from wanting to get someone to understand
In days where there isn’t much, I go the way of going as far as I want
What colour of hope should I throw down?
Even though I ask why it’s just me, the fact is, it’s not just me
I’ve realized that you get hurt too, they get hurt too

Young fluttering of wings, light pink flower bud.
I too am living strong
Passing the time so that I wouldn’t get hurt became my purpose in life, without me even realizing

Scared of rain which isn’t even falling, I almost raise my umbrella, being the cowardly me
I tell that version of me to defy my eyes
I thrust my plating which I prepared with pride at the sun and pretended like it shined
Not wanting to pay attention to reality
That one avoided fragment is tossed away in the sky
It’s pathetic bravery
In order to end the maze-like days
With a little bad posture, this resolution of mine needs to be put into song

Shed feathers, the bygone singing flowers
I to am trying to live strong
The heart carries various facial expressions, but it never forgets the smile
Even when wiping tears, even when wiping tears,
If they’re called overflowing, I’ll keep running as I am
Even when you’re crumbling, even when you’re crumbling
Please, convey that love
You taught me that, didn’t you?

That’s life
Running, standing still, being broken
Thinking it’s already hopeless
Saying it’s someones fault, there’s not just beautiful sadness
Don’t complain about your great effort
And don’t say you’ll do it tomorrow
Focusing on one dream, and carrying it out
Everyone, more or less, will have their problems and worry about them
When there is conflict, when you aren’t given an answer for what to do during hatred
And when you might not be loved, even if you love someone
Conveying your feelings, not being conveyed to
It may not go well but we have no choice


okay, mognet is going to finish this in a couple days, so i’ll probably replace theirs with mine when it comes out

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More corrections

I’ve corrected about half of my translations so far. Some had a lot of mistakes, but I think I’ve gotten rid of all the things that made no sense in kanade ai.

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I say “perfected” because its perfected in my eyes only.

It just means I wont go back to work on it and fix mistakes. I spent a lot of hours on it today, so, you can enjoy at least that translation……….

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My body knows more about my heart than me
If I’m nervous, sweat runs across my palms
I wonder when, biting my molar teeth, in the tears that should have been stopped,
I was taught of a thing called regretting sadness
Cramming a bunch of hopeful words in my bag, I left on a journey
When I came back, you caught me
Even on days where I was at a loss for words
You held me tightly without needing words
Even though you were the one who had always been more lonely

Patting my back when I squat down
Is your small palm which is always at my side
I was saved by that warmth
Much more than beautifully decorated words could ever do
In the times where not everything goes right
And surely in the times when just about everything goes wrong
People notice what’s important in their life
To you, who loves me no matter what kind of person I am
Thank you, for always being by my side

Lying down on the grass and gazing at the flowing clouds
I was able to take back my quiet heart
At that place where I was able to become a little kinder than yesterday
I reflected upon the fact that I couldn’t go on living alone
But still, in a far off place, I was enchanted by a swaying flower of miracles
Everyday, which should be protected, has been dried up
On older days, not realizing how young I was in my youth,
I ran through it, and now I’ve realized
That I overlooked the importance of people important to me

I can’t live with just beautiful feelings
The promised sky has been stained
Although I vowed “surely…”, to that beautiful sky’s blue
Unable to let go of broken ideals, I looked back on the days I lived
But if people only looked back, tomorrow would get sad
So we have no choice but to face forward
For the sake of those we love right in front of our eyes

Rubbing the invisible scars in my eyes
Was your gentle palm
Much better than having applause throughout the world
Was something important that was right there at my side

Living each busy day with doubt
Even on days where I think sympathy is meaningless
So I won’t have to lose it again to realize its true meaning
To you, the one who loved a person like me
I wrote you a song of “thank you”

Words aren’t enough
Surely they can’t catch up with you
Words aren’t enough, but,
thank you.


I love this song so I had to translate it…

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Velonica Lyrics 9 More stats
My Velonica lyrics correct 5 More stats
Ayumi English Translation 4 More stats
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Utai Sarishi Hana Review 3

of course velonica is first, but if 4 people look at some of my translations a day i’m happy BD

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and they have started their still connected tour. I’m a bit late on that though..

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