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requesting translations

if anyone wants to request a translation of an aqua timez song, it would be nice.. i don’t know what to translate now. i’ll do anything, as long as it’s not too hard


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One and Kono Hoshi ni previews

one is not as good as I expected but I figure it will sound better after more listens. sounds like yume fuusen, no?

kono hoshi ni.. is good. sounds better than massigura right now. pivot?

only songs we haven’t heard yet are utai sarishi hana, and tsuki, noboru… birth and rebirth are probably just interlude things

on friday the 6th, we’ll probably hear those songs.

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How many tears have you wiped with the back of your hand?
As a person, it’s an honest weakness you’ve been given
There’s a different scenery on the other side of every eyelid
So it’s alright for everyone to differ, and in some respects everyone might be the same

Slyly, gently, I want to face someone without being able to throw away my dreams

Like birds crossing the sky, like flowers being blown by the wind
People love other people
Like the sun which rises and falls, like waves which come close and return
They repeat a yell of repeating love over and over again

While I was lost in thought, my ice cream completely melted
For the sake of tomorrow, I broke what was here
Merely looking at the plates I broke, I realized
Because of my mistakes, there’s one more thing I can’t do now that I could do before

Without the earth changing speed, light and shadows are questioned to us repeatedly

This mountain which blocks my way was made for me to pile up excuses
So it’s not really anyone else’s fault
We always say “I want to be strong” but never “I’m going to become strong”
Is it really ok for us to continue on like this?

At a meeting of hanged flags in a new wind
I remembered the significance that is here

For example, if our hands were connected, sometime the day would come for them to separate
But still, but still, we won’t be punished for it
Like the sun which rises and falls, like waves which come close and return
We repeat love over and over again…
It’s okay for you to sing your song, like that flag hung above the hill where wind blows
I too will keep singing my song now,
So I can  just strain my voice, even if common sense hides the sky


Finished this yesterday, just was waiting for the pv to come out.

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I haven’t watched it yet (loading) but I’ll edit with my thoughts right after 😀

I’m uploading it to youtube now, so it should be there too

edit: i really like the song, and the video.. even if it’s a bit too gold ._.

it should keep me busy til the 4th :p

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That bridge won’t span out in a world without tears
Everything is the beauty of this world
You’re hiding your sadness inside

When I retie my shoelaces, the wind presses at our backs
Let’s draw out the continuation to that dream, beyond the light that the sky spills down
The left part of my chest pounds fast, expectations and anxiety beating out my pulse
I wonder if it will really be alright? I wonder if we’ll be able to overcome everything?

It’s alright, if you look up it’s already there
It’s alright, look, it’s a rainbow bridge
When you stop crying, it spans the sky
Hey, you can see it right? Way over there
I can see it too, just the same as you
Our two skies will now become one
We can finally laugh beneath the same sky

We were born with our own separate skies, skies that project our memories
You have your own story, and tears that I know nothing of
You may have been trying when I laughed
There are happiness’s that are similar, but there’s definitely no sadness’s that are alike

Adding a border to the future with “a promise”, I decorate with words
You certainly were wanting a certain tomorrow more than anyone else

Like one of the changing seasons
Sad times remain sad
Don’t hurry happiness along
It’s alright, I’m right here
It’s alright, I’m not going anywhere
When I start running again, I’ll be with you

“Will that bridge span out in a world without tears?”
Graffiti carved into a wall really resembled someone’s writing
Keeping sadness at a distance, you tried to it with a bridge
But now I throw aside my umbrella and close my eyes

It’s alright

It’s alright, if you look up it’s already there
It’s alright, look, it’s a rainbow bridge
In the sky of you, who is done crying
Hey, you can see it right? In such vivid colors
I can see it too, just the same as you
A rainbow called “a bond” has spanned across the sky
Our two skies will finally, finally become one
And make us run again


I translated the first two lines, everything else is all mognet’s translation.

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I miss the time where people talked about love with nothing but love for it, just a little
A countless number of feelings have disappeared in their birth

Dark purple twilight
In the gap between the flickers
The world is changing colour
It leaves me behind

When conflict comes and goes, it’s also time to pack in your sorrow and move on
It’s the way people extremely easily grow accustom to hate
But still, people can’t help but love people, don’t you think?

“Where are you from?”
I can’t really remember things of when I was born
but if I remember correctly, people did a thing called loving other people, surely


I’m not so sure on “The creak is missing sight of the time where meeting sadness was pushed out of the way
People extremely easily grow accustom to the way people finish in hate” but oh well, the rest was fairly easy

The line “people can’t not love people” is really used a lot in this album..

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