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Despair only exists for those who have hope for tomorrow
Betrayal only exists for those who believe in something

Could you call it a wound of honour, given only to those who are brave?
That would be very unfitting to the ratio

There are no sleepless nights for those who desire nothing
This fear doesn’t exist for those who have nothing they want to protect

If there was nothing I could hold, there would be nothing that could be snatched away from me
Nothing can be snatched away from those who don’t realize when they lose something

“Are you still in despair? What were you expecting?”
Thanks for your advice, but I don’t feel like giving up

I know, all of these things
Are compensation for happiness, ten thousand notes

All of them who rode on my shoulders
Will be a set with the opposite meaning, until peace is sent to the one who broke off

Doubt can only sprout in those who know betrayal
And the impurity of gaining that one for one’s own sake can only be hated by them*

But if you follow the path back to where it began, you’ll realize the truth
Just how much something is worth is only seen when it’s let go

“With this body that has become light, I can go anywhere”
No, when I let go it was already too late… I don’t know what it was worth

I know, all of these things
Are compensation for happiness
What’s the yen-dollar exchange rate been recently?

Should I aim for it this time? Because I’ve waited so long
Even in the millions of smiling people of the modern times of the doctrine of efficiency priority supremacy**

If solitude had never be granted, this loneliness wouldn’t exist
Honestly, I stopped believing that

If I gave up on myself, there wouldn’t be any pain anymore
And just with that, I can’t help but love it all

I know, all of these things
Are compensation for happiness
How are the exchange rates of Japan?

And why is it? That it’s embraced so much
This terrible retrogression of culture, that we’re laughed at so much

As for me, I’m fine. It doesn’t even surprise me anymore
Because we’ll be able to meet soon again, the one who broke off is waiting
“You”, who has put it in their hand – a different way to smile,

Are me***


So I’ve decided I might as well post some other translations I do/have done on this site, and I figured it would be good to start with Radwimps, which has been my favourite band along with aqua timez for a few years now. If anyone here hasn’t heard Radwimps before, I’d highly recommend listening to them, cause in many ways they are similar to aqua timez, and they have some really great songs. They also have some weird ones, and can be hard to get into at first, but it’s worth it in the end.

*Well this is really hard to word… it’s pretty much just saying that doubt can only be in those who know betrayal, and that only people who know betrayal hate people who use others for themselves.
** this is what happens when you throw a bunch of kanji together and try and get me to translate it
*** it’s either are me or and me… I don’t really know for sure

As with always, there will be a few parts I’m not sure if I did right, but for the most part I think I figured a lot of sentences that were confusing me earlier.


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If anyone’s interested, you can purchase or listen to my ep of original music I just finished at

I’d say its aqua timez influenced, but it’s probably not…

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