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Once the earth was square, now it’s round
I wonder if next it will become a triangle
Once people were children of the sea, now they’re children of god
I wonder who’s “children” we will become next

But anyone is fine – anything is fine
It’s still early for tomorrow, so I will sleep

This soul elected from millions of tadpoles
I was happy for such a miracle
From this jumbo jumbo lottery ticket, a baby gave its first cry
I suppose it was happy with that triumphant pose, crying and shouting

But following a new way of thinking, if I stop looking for fault in life
I guess this tall tale wouldn’t be told
If that was a jumbo jumbo “play again,” I guess my luck in getting the prize must be terrible

I wonder if it’s around here or if it’s not
But there’s no reason to know, and I don’t want to know

The voice from that time – my first cry,
Was it out of happiness? Or was it out of sadness?
I still wonder…

Let me hear that voice – the voice from that time
Try to remember them – the thoughts from that time

Surely they can be understood – anything can be understood
Happy things, and sad things too


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New Song

I’ve recently uploaded a new song I’ve written and recorded. Been working on it for a few months, so hopefully it turned out alright, even though I’m not a very good singer.

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