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On a side note, I recently purchased the latest radwimps live dvd, and I have to say it’s pretty awesome. Maybe even worth the $130 i ended up paying for it…


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I waited until my mothers stomach was split to come out into this corrupt world
I didn’t feel there was any meaning – any significance – that could correspond with her pain

From the moment that cord to the stomach is cut, a lost child is created
Figuratively speaking, it’s as if a kite with a torn cord is fluttering in the sky

Recent days, I want to return to you
I want to return to the birth canal
I want to return so much

I searched for where I came from, but I couldn’t find it
You can’t find a thing like that anywhere
All that is here is a limited universe that is looked on upon

In the middle of this vast world
In this small corner of society
There is no way to know what the place of this deserted person’s is

When lost children pass by
One by one the paths increase
someone accidentally tried to name that complicated maze “earth”

“Let’s go there”, “Let’s go here”
“Go there, don’t come here”
“If that’s so, let’s go there. Come on, let’s go!”

The dead end of “let’s go somewhere”
A wide street that was never found
If you look back, you’ll see an infinite history

It’s at the head of the years that have piled up
At the back of time that rots
There’s no way to know the future of this abandoned body

All these roads have given has been the number of answers put forth by lost children
Dispute was born in the place where the paths mixed
The words left by the victor have always been what has become history
Yes, and the left over words of a loser like me
Are entwined in smoke, flowing, being buried

Everyday before I eat, in this clinging world
The meaning and worth that corresponds with the murdered life
I shouldn’t be able to think that such a thing could exist

When the days we’ve passed over now sway,
And promises we made will be locked tomorrow,
Is it comforting? Is it punishment?
The flow of time quickens

How to speak, what to say,
How to tie those arms and legs,
The way those feet face,
All came before everything else

Following before – how to speak,
And if you realize, how to fall to last place,
Is to attempt to look back
Which is to stand at the front, having won the race by a large margin


Another great song off RADWIMPS’s latest album (though I guess it’s been out for a year now).

The only parts I’m not sure about would be the part “A wide street that was never found” and the last two paragraphs. I spent a long time trying to get a translation that made sense with them and I think I’ve finally got something. It’s probably still be a little off though.

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