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MASK Lyrics

kizu hitotsu nai kokoro ga doko ni aru no darou ka
kubi moto wo toori sugiru kaze ni tazunerareta

mattou na kotae nante mochiawasete wa inai
hitori hitotsu no inochi ikiiki to ikiru dake

sukoshi dake aosugita haru ni uchi no mesarete
onaji natsu no hikari wo tomo ni kakiwakete kita
kimi no eranda michi ni maemuki sa yo habikore
mata itsuka tomoshi aemasu you ni
kumorazu ni ikite hoshii
dakara ame wo kirawanai de
uso wa tsukazu ni ite hoshii
sabishiku naru dake dakara

kimi no karada wa sono uchigawa ni
ai wo hisomasete hakobu tame ni aru n da
zutto zutto
umareta hi kara zutto
boku mo kimi mo kare mo dare mo minna
kotoba ni dekizu samayotteru n da
itsuka itsuka
todokerareru you ni tte

hito no wa ni hairisobire dou suru koto mo dekizu
kodoku to iu to kyoten de kisetsu wo kigaeru dake
gyakufuu ni dakare nagara ikitaeteku negai wa
sorezore ga motsu omoi no naka ni dake sumitsuku

koko de wa nai dokoka ni nigete shimaitakute
jibun janai dareka ni natte shimaitakute
toriaezu haritsuketa egao no ichimai oku
hito wa nani wo hoshigaru no darou

nesobetta shibafu no ue
sukoshi dake naita ato ni
doonatsu no ana kara nozoku
sora ga amari ni aokute
kondo wa omoikirinaita

taimumashin nanka nakutatte ii n da
ima wo daiji ni dekitara ii n da
kedo kedo
koukai wo tebanasezu
itsuka yori sou tame ni hitori ni natta
hitotsu ni naru tame kakera ni natta
sou sa sou da yo
isshou no uchi ni maniau you ni tte

kimi ga kureta ano omoi ni
kirei na namae nado nakute mo
kimi ga kureta ano omoi wa
kioku no sora wo maitsudzukeru
kumorazu ni ikite hoshii
dakara ame wo kirawanai de to
uso wa tsukazu ni ite hoshii
sabishiku naru dake dakara to

boku no naka de maigo ni natta kodoku wo
kimi wa sagashidashite dakishimete kureta
mou ne, naite ii n da yo tte
koraekireru you ni natte shimatte
kanashii no ni nakenakatta
boku zutto boku zutto
nakitakatta n da naa

kokoro ni nani mo kabusenai de
omoikiri waraitakatta n da


Edit: the top was originally cut off, but I fixed it

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“Where can you find a heart without a single scar?”
The wind asked me as it passed by the back of my neck
I don’t have a legitimate answer on me
I’m just living a single person’s life lively

Being knocked down by a spring that’s a little too blue*
We pushed our way through the light of the same summer together
Positivity, spread out on the road you chose
So one day you’ll be lit up again

“You want to live without frowning
So don’t hate the rain”
“You want to be without lies
Because that just makes you lonely”

It’s been making love lie dormant in your body, so one day you can bring it out
Always, always
Since the day you were born, always
You, me, him, whoever
Everyone is wandering around at a loss for words
So that someday, someday, it will be able to reach**

Missing my chance to enter the circle of people, at a loss for what to do
Putting on a different season from a base called loneliness
While being held by the head wind,  the wish to stop breathing settled down in just the thoughts each held

Wanting to run away to somewhere that isn’t here
Wanting to become someone that wasn’t myself
A monolith of a smile that was attached for the time being
What is it that people want?

Above a sprawled out lawn
After I had cried a bit
I looked through the hole in a doughnut***
The sky being too blue
This time I cried with all my might

It’s alright if there’s no such thing as a time machine
I just want to be able to treasure this moment
But, but, without letting go of regret
So that one day I could be close with someone, I chose to be alone
So that we could become one, we broke into pieces
Yes, that’s right
So that one day it will fit that time in our lives**

We’re never truly alone****
Even though there’s no beautiful name for those feelings you gave me
They keep dancing into the sky of memories

“You want to live without frowning
So don’t hate the rain”
“You want to be without lies
Because that just makes you lonely”

You, finding the loneliness that had become a lost child in me, held me
“It’s alright to cry again”
I had begun to feel like I could hold it back
Although I was sad, I didn’t cry
And I’ve always, always wanted to cry

Whatever’s in your heart, don’t cover it
With all my strength, I wanted to smile


*the word for blue in japanese is also sometimes used for green, and there are other connotations associated with it so keep that in mind

** there’s a signal that a quote ends here, but I’m not sure where it begins. I’ll leave that up to you to figure out

*** it’s always funny how some japanese words have completely different connotations in this context than they would in english

**** I’ve seen this line in some copies of the lyrics, while in others its not there. So I’m not entirely sure but it’s probably right.

And as usual, ambiguous personal pronouns and such. Japanese to English translations will never be perfect in lyrics

oh, and these lyrics aren’t official, so expect revisions later

edit: had the beginning cut off for a few days. fixed now.

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Well sort of. It’s missing a few songs

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I have to say, I like the song so far.

Also, the tracklist for the single:

2. 空につづく道
3. 1980
4. MASK -Instrumental-

空につづく道 (Sora ni Tsuzuku Michi) means “A Road that Continues into the Sky”, essentially

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MASK Full Song/ HQ Preview

edit: actually, the whole song is on youtube, though it’s pretty low quality

Those little breaks in the song are really annoying though…

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