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I found this video…

It’s in Japanese, but it should be pretty obvious from the video what they’re trying to demonstrate

I’ve never heard of the other band before, but there’s no way they could have done this accidentally The only thing missing from the song being pretty much an exact copy is the violin solo. Listen to 3:08 to 3:26. It’s practically the same song with different lyrics.

But apparently the lyrics aren’t even that different. In the annotation for the video, they say that both songs have this lyric :

“I thought I could run away from it if I pretended to not realize it” – 1mm
“I thought I could run away from it someday if I pretended not to realize it” – other song

They also show a bunch of other lyric samples that are almost exactly the same

But that’s not it, they also copy other bands apparently

If you’ve ever heard Gekidou by Uverworld, you might recognize the opening riff… There’s also some other moments in the song that are similar, but it’s not nearly as bad as the 1mm song.

I might be biased cause I hate “visual kei” bands (mostly cause of the way they look, but also because all the ones I’ve seen sound exactly the same), but you can’t deny the similarities to 1mm.

On a side note, I went and updated a bunch of mistakes in the 1mm english translation. I fixed all the mistakes as far as I know, some of which kind of ruined the whole meaning of the section, so I would recommend checking it out.

On another side note, if you want any translation of mine updated, just post a comment of the ones you want updated and I’ll fix any mistakes in it that I can. I know I should just go and update everyone of them, but I’m lazy…

Make sure you don’t request anything that was translated recently (meaning past mid 2010 or so), cause I probably won’t have learned how to correct my mistakes (if there are any, which is less likely in more recent translations). Generally, the older a song is the more mistakes it’ll have in it, but there are some exceptions.


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