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sounds pretty good… it will probably be a while before we hear it in full though.

and the pv.. which  i think is pretty boring


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Almost not settling it with words, I had irrational anxiety
Passing that, I had strength in my heart
You were there, in the good times and bad times
While I put up with the fact that “tears are only good when they are over”

I don’t want these hands to forget what you taught me, one by one
Someday, I want to make that pass over for someone else in the same way
Until I can walk on this road which can’t speak of fun or comfort

Am I winning or losing?
Am I right or wrong?
Do I even have talent??
In times like that, you were always there, in pain that seemed the same
As you laughed, “I wonder you really are”

You took it all, gently, like the relaxed and flowing wind
Truth is, I was really scared, and I wanted to run away
But even in words like those, I gained strength from being wrapped up, and the road was lit up

I almost thought I would never be able to do all this
Even though I had practiced to that point,
My feet were scared…

We ran on this lonely, painful road together
Truth is, I was really scared, and I wanted to run away
But even in an abyss of such thoughts, I always felt you at my side
Until the end of ends


sort of weird lyrics..

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Saigo Made in full and a new song – Saigo Made Full (credit to uploader)

I didn’t like the song. sure, the verses/choruses were catchy, but every aqua timez song has catchy verses/choruses. besides, the whole song was just a repitition of the same verse/chorus with different lyrics. the only thing interesting was the instrumentals, but the song felt too boring for them to make it much better. i wish aqua timez would stop making pv’s/singles out of songs that are much worse than the b sides. plumeria (and possibly natsu no kakera) had the same problems.

i’m going to translate the lyrics now, but they aren’t anything special.

anyway, there’s a new song called “ehagaki no haru” and it will be used in a commercial that will air on september 26th. they describe it as “gentle” and don’t give any details of if it will be in a single or anything else.

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Some Lives

this person has lives of plumeria, joushoukiryuu, wakare no uta, toushindai no rabu songu, niji, and velonica uploaded. there may be more to be uploaded as well

the songs sound pretty good. better than some other preformances for sure

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Saigo Made Lyrics

kotoba nanka ja matomannai kurai
tatoeyou no nai fuan ga attari
sore wo koeru kokorotsuyosa ga atta
anata ga ite kureta ii toki mo warui toki ni mo
“namida wa saigo dake de ii” to koraenagara

anata ga oshieta kureta hitotsu hitotsu wo kono te ga wasurenu you ni
itsuka wa boku mo onaji you ni dareka no tame ni sore wo wataseru you ni
tanoshiku mo raku to wa ienu kono michi wo ikeru toko made

kachi tte na n darou make tte na n darou
seikai tte na n darou machigai tte na n darou
sainou tte na n da yo sou yuu toki ni wa itsu datte
anata ga ite kureta onaji you na kurushimi no naka
“honto ni nani na n darou ne” tte warainagara

anata ga uketomete kureta yururi to nagareru kaze no you ni yasashiku
honto wa sugoku kowakatta nigedashitakatta sonna kotoba de sae mo
kurumarete mata arata na chikara ni nari michi wo terashiteku

kore ijou wa dekinai tte kurai
annani mo sa renshuu shita noni
ashi ga bibitteraa

konna ni kurushii michi wo sabishii michi wo tomo ni kakenukete kita

honto wa sugoku kowakatta nigedashitakatta sonna omoi no fuchi de
itsu datte anata wo soba ni kanjiteta saigo no saigo made


sort of a short song, at least lyric-wise

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Saigo Made.. more previews. (6)

it’s just the first verse – end of first chorus

they make it seem like its live, but you can tell its just recorded

the song itself sounds better than I expected in the verses/instrumental version though, hope the full version which should be uploaded somewhere soon will be better.

the pv is going to be aired on september 24th… and it’s supposed to just be clips of this live. which is really annoying, as plumeria was a boring pv and this song sounds like it has potential

also, I’m going to translate the lyrics now. i’ve had them for a while but i figured that there was no point in posting them before more than a chorus could be heard.

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cover for the best of album…?


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