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Mayonaka no Orchestra and Kaze ni Fukarete

both songs are now on youtube

both sound pretty good… i’m liking the solos

i wonder if they’ll make an album next, or another single like they usually do. 5 singles seems like a lot, especially considering the fact that they’ll probably put a b side on the album (i expect nagasugita yoru ni), but i’ve seen it before.

oh, and i like the covers. glad to see they’re not making more like gravity 0


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Tabs from Sora Ippai ni Kanaderu Inori

I’ve had the band score for Sora Ippai ni Kanaderu Inori for a while now, and I kind of want to upload some of the tabs for it.

If anyone actually wants a bass/guitar tab for any of the songs on the album, I can do it. Just please don’t request a song unless you really want it, as it takes a very long time to do….

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