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“I want you at my side for just a little longer”
That was the one thing I couldn’t say

Like a lemon, coolly* shining
When I walked looking up at the moon, bittersweet pain overflowed
Not for someone else, but because of someone else we are here today
In a long river I swam

I didn’t just spend the days that god lined up with an uneven temper
I tried my hardest, but I’m scared of saying goodbye

“I want you at my side for just a little longer”
Those words disappear in the wind
But this hand, no matter when, will grab yours in return
By that hands warmth, bravery comes back to me
I catch hold of the moon, and I grasp tomorrow

Like a lemon, coldly shining
When I walked looking down below the moon, I remembered a far off day**
A child’s “bye-bye” means the same thing as “see you tomorrow”
It’s always as unchanged as possible

Knowing gray seasons exist
Even if the sky is blue
I can’t laugh, and I can’t cry

If I could just be a little stronger
Without fear, I wonder if I’d keep getting hurt
Would we, who were taught to hide tears,
Remember that we’re just pretending to be tough, and throw away the meaning of being strong?

“I want you at my side for just a little longer”
Putting it into words is simple
But this hand, no matter when, would grasp your hand in return
And by that hand’s warmth, bravery came back to me
I caught hold of the moon, and I grasped tomorrow

“I want you at my side for just a little longer”
That was the one thing I couldn’t say


*for lack of a better word
** not that literal of a translation, but it seems to make more sense this way

had some slight problems with this, but I think it makes sense overall

Tsuki no Curtain means the moon’s curtain btw, if anyone didn’t know


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Like Icarus, we are now living having lost purity
We live each day grasping at the question
When I searched for the answer, I became lost in a maze
When I realized the answer was right here, everything became a new colour*

There must be a radiance beyond this wind; that’s what I believe
Those tears should eventually dry
Even if it’s still difficult, even if it looks far away
Cutting through the wind, running low on breath,
Even if it’s with just a little smile, we’re running

There’s nothing to be afraid of
Your eyes will eventually get used to the darkness
They’ll even get used to that radiance you should be careful with
If it’s an apple in a picture, without having to breath, it will eternally burn, red and young

“I can’t love anyone”
Even though I had decided that, my chest still throbbed
Not being alright while saying I was made it change into tears

In a dream I hadn’t woken up from, when I had tried to repaint the past and future
I was afraid of simply taking them as they were
And I opened my eyes

My arms weren’t able to hug the you of yesterday
And my lips won’t be able to kiss the you of tomorrow
But riding the tailwind, I’ll go and get your hand
Just riding through today, if beyond the twilight a star cries
Let’s sing a gentle song together
Even if you still have a small voice
And even if you can’t put it into your voice at all
With a song let’s connect our lips

*Technically the word is more like “colour of sound”, but that doesn’t make much sense in english

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Gravity 0 download link

as usual, i think i like both the b-sides more than the a-side

Translations up soon, probably later today

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