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New “Play You” Stuff

The site has updated, it says that Aqua Timez is recording their song now and that previews of it will be up on september 4th

I’m fairly certain this will be the next single now


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credits to

Nagasugita Yoru Ni is great, and Perfect World is interesting even though they changed the song a lot, the instrumentals especially

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nagasugita yoru ni sounds like what i was hoping for. the instrumental is really soft like shizuka na koi no monogatari, but then futoshi comes in rapping…

but the perfect world remix sounds pretty bad to me. futoshi’s “new voice” is really high pitched in this song and sounds very cheerful along with the instrumentals, which isn’t that much of a bad thing, but it doesn’t fit the song…

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Plumeria ~Hana Uta~ Live

I’m starting to think these fake lives are pretty pointless.

Futoshi didn’t do too bad though.

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i just noticed that “hanauta” is a word which means humming in japanese, but the “hana uta” of plumeria is different because it’s spelt with the characters flower and song, while hanauta is spelt with the characters for nose and song

…i’d still translate it as flower song, but yeah, there are two meanings to it

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Here’s another link

It’s also not the gokusen version… i wonder how they have it.

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On an overly quiet night where I can’t sleep, I turn on the t.v. and volume spills out
A little light, loneliness, and the hands of a watch which can’t turn back
I turn my globe with my true feelings and what I show to others
Truth is, I want to have more freedom, but I’m not a child anymore
It’s natural that we can’t protect anyone by just pretending to be strong
Words that I took in with saliva, action that was done in his way
“If it’s for my family, I will hang my head, if it’s to help someone, I will do anything”
Kindness is never a weakness

Come now, let’s go, all of our paths, the days which are covered in sweat
Proof we’ve lived our lives before passing the time limit
Come now, let’s go, surely the dazzling morning
Should be waiting for everyone with thick darkness and the moon

A lonely shadow that wanders around looking for love, freely spending money on a drug called pleasure
An appointment with lifelessness, happiness that disappears like smoke
My spirits have fallen in some ways, and it seems as if this country is a sad fantasy
Overflowing with the latest news and fads, an empty heart returns somewhere
For some reason, my shih tzu is waving it’s tail in my home town’s park
Even if it dies, I can meet with it in my dreams
I can pet its head while calling its name
Just when I held it in my arms, I woke up from my dream*

Come now, let’s go, all of our paths, the days which are covered in tears
Grief, a shout, I want the last to be a smile
Come now, let’s go, everyone will have shadows in their hearts
And days where they think it’s all pointless, even me

Come now, let’s go, even if the rain doesn’t let up “we will not lose to the rain”
Until broken things, pain, accompaniment, and light begin to rain
Come now, let’s go, singing “a world without interesting things is interesting”, facing tomorrow,
In short, we keep on living

Come now, let’s go, all of our paths, the days which are covered in sweat
Proof we’ve lived our lives before passing the time limit
Even nights where we can’t sleep and are anxious, even problems we pull along with us
Will be held in our arms until it soon dissolves into that dazzling morning


Much better than plumeria. hope the song is good.

* this phrase doesn’t give much info, so i might have translated it wrong, it’s hard to tell.

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