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I wasn’t expecting this, but perhaps I should have. For the first time ever (besides possibly ketsui no asa ni or sora ippai ni kanaderu inori) aqua timez has gotten a #1 on the weekly chart

Also, the dvd has been confirmed for december 23rd.
hopefully after this they’ll release ehagaki no haru and then make a new album.. the best album and dvd should give them some time to do so


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On the best of aqua timez, aoi sora and himawari were re-recorded.
also, there might be a new live dvd (well, of the concert we already saw, so not so new) coming out in december for the still connected tour.

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New Tour

There will be a new nationwide tour next spring, according to the official site.

It doesn’t start until march, so I wonder what they’ll release until then… possibly an album? it would be a year from their last, but the best of album might have taken up their time with making singles

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Yasashii Kioku “pv” click the aqua timez logo to find the pv

it’s not even really a pv. just some pointless video of a story book being set to the song of yasashii kioku

the pvs for saigo made and plumeria were both pretty bad too…

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