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I can’t hide it now in just the blue of the clear sky
I tucked away the colour dyed black when I saw it fading
But I had no pocket to tuck things dyed black into
Regardless, I knew I should act like a man

Saints and I are similar; We both are shined upon to help others
If someone else was chosen for the sun to shine on
Surely the colour wouldn’t have been given to me

People who deal with only one thing, people who can deal with anything
I, though struggling for every insignificant truth
Am the colour that is beautiful until it turns to ash
Even if you try to shed a tear, the colour won’t teach you a thing

Wise men, the sky, normal people
The interior, dyed with each of their respective colours
You, who put on the light of the sun, were shining colourlessly and transparently

So it couldn’t be dyed in anything, so it could dissolve in everything
So that it could stand uncovered in the space between the heart and the voice

Arriving at white, from black, riding on the train
I visited my parents for the thousandth time
I boarded the train again along that road, and you saw me
When you looked at me as the colour of ash, you said it was beautiful –
that it could fit in with the colours of the rainbow

The voice of a saint in my ears was a help
If someone else was chosen for that voice to reach
Surely you and I would never have met

So it couldn’t be dyed in anything, so I could run away from the colours
What is chosen for this kind of me

I wonder if I’m used to it –
Saying I hate it, because I don’t understand it

I wonder if I could do it –
To put all the colours in this life in my hand

I wonder if I could…



*at this point, theres a bunch of lines like “Don’t x, y” where x and y are synonyms. Instead of trying to make of synonyms where they don’t exist in english and sounding dumb, I’ll just list the verbs he uses:
Love, search, talk, walk, love, decorate, change, lose


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I searched for the place the rainbow came from
I went to take some of the abundant light there

It didn’t shine, and nobody could see me
They pretended to understand, but it was fine

So I went off searching for that phoenix
I went to take some of its many feathers

But, you know,
They were all too big for me
And the reasons to pursue them too small

Because even though all I know how to do is shine and then go out
Don’t I look nice when I shine?
That reason to clear up the vision of the muddy tomorrow in sight
Isn’t being told to anyone anymore

It’s okay
I have no name, but when I disappear, be sure to cry for me

At that moment, I want you to find the brightest star in the sky
And make its name my own

Happy things and sad things are always split 50-50
And that’s why in your last breath, it finally equals zero

Even though all I know how to do is shine and then go out
The me that is singing is right here
That smile you show means so much to me
So please stop searching for tomorrow

Even though all I know how to do is shine and then go out
Don’t I look nice when I shine?

And so, in this hurting chest, I’ll take a seed of light along with me
And until I can say that this is happiness, I want to shine

If this is just to be a life of stealing and running away…


This ones been done a few times before, but the translations I saw were both missing something. Mine probably isn’t perfect, but I’m putting it out there anyway

This is a really great song, and one of the first I heard from Radwimps actually. I found it really boring back then, but now its anything but, with all the key/time signature changes. I like the harmonization of the guitar and bass at the very end.

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Once the earth was square, now it’s round
I wonder if next it will become a triangle
Once people were children of the sea, now they’re children of god
I wonder who’s “children” we will become next

But anyone is fine – anything is fine
It’s still early for tomorrow, so I will sleep

This soul elected from millions of tadpoles
I was happy for such a miracle
From this jumbo jumbo lottery ticket, a baby gave its first cry
I suppose it was happy with that triumphant pose, crying and shouting

But following a new way of thinking, if I stop looking for fault in life
I guess this tall tale wouldn’t be told
If that was a jumbo jumbo “play again,” I guess my luck in getting the prize must be terrible

I wonder if it’s around here or if it’s not
But there’s no reason to know, and I don’t want to know

The voice from that time – my first cry,
Was it out of happiness? Or was it out of sadness?
I still wonder…

Let me hear that voice – the voice from that time
Try to remember them – the thoughts from that time

Surely they can be understood – anything can be understood
Happy things, and sad things too

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It’s useless to try and stand still, living finitely on this planet
Because this earth carries me with it at such a great speed

If you try to stand still, you’re still going 1400km/h
You can’t run against the earth’s rotation

“You can’t stand still to avoid standing still”
I don’t understand why
I stand still because I’m helpless either way; I guess it doesn’t matter what I do

I, trying not to lose hope, now face a future where I don’t know how much I’ll be walking backwards
Because even if I tried again to throw away that thing which I made myself hand over
I’ll give the next future to that hand that has become empty

In the future where I was worried in my place of refuge
I made it in advance, because I knew I’d be helpless
When I accidentally saw myself
I could see myself in my bloodshot eyes

In the corner of my room I hid away in
Even in the bed I wrapped myself in
With all my might I clung to what was near

“Are you okay?” “No, I’m still not”
“well are you okay now?” “You’re quite insistent”
Do you not know how to give up?
What do you call a plan like yours?

How much will I soon discover in the future if I try to walk covering my head? How far will I be taken?
Even If I get angry again at getting overtaken, I’ll never try to pass again
Like the moon floating in the night

I won’t go in front or behind for you
I’ll just have to move in a small box
Because there’s nothing further than in front or behind*

“I will never be an influence on anyone”
“Give up already, it’s been so long”
“But in the end, please clear your ears”

From somewhere, I hear a voice
“If it’s a future where you are going to throw everything away
Please give it to me, I’ll make you use it carefully”

And I finally realized, softly, you strongly held me
Because when I was born, it was something I took

Far away, I shout to you
“From now on, wait before you go”
You, who has tears floating in your eyes
Was the thing in my future


This is actually one of my favourite songs. Really nice intro, melody, instrumentals, solo, lyrics

*I’m not sure at all about this section. I can’t figure out where to put the pronouns, so it’s hard to determine what’s actually being said.
But other than that, I’m pretty sure about the rest of the song.

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I waited until my mothers stomach was split to come out into this corrupt world
I didn’t feel there was any meaning – any significance – that could correspond with her pain

From the moment that cord to the stomach is cut, a lost child is created
Figuratively speaking, it’s as if a kite with a torn cord is fluttering in the sky

Recent days, I want to return to you
I want to return to the birth canal
I want to return so much

I searched for where I came from, but I couldn’t find it
You can’t find a thing like that anywhere
All that is here is a limited universe that is looked on upon

In the middle of this vast world
In this small corner of society
There is no way to know what the place of this deserted person’s is

When lost children pass by
One by one the paths increase
someone accidentally tried to name that complicated maze “earth”

“Let’s go there”, “Let’s go here”
“Go there, don’t come here”
“If that’s so, let’s go there. Come on, let’s go!”

The dead end of “let’s go somewhere”
A wide street that was never found
If you look back, you’ll see an infinite history

It’s at the head of the years that have piled up
At the back of time that rots
There’s no way to know the future of this abandoned body

All these roads have given has been the number of answers put forth by lost children
Dispute was born in the place where the paths mixed
The words left by the victor have always been what has become history
Yes, and the left over words of a loser like me
Are entwined in smoke, flowing, being buried

Everyday before I eat, in this clinging world
The meaning and worth that corresponds with the murdered life
I shouldn’t be able to think that such a thing could exist

When the days we’ve passed over now sway,
And promises we made will be locked tomorrow,
Is it comforting? Is it punishment?
The flow of time quickens

How to speak, what to say,
How to tie those arms and legs,
The way those feet face,
All came before everything else

Following before – how to speak,
And if you realize, how to fall to last place,
Is to attempt to look back
Which is to stand at the front, having won the race by a large margin


Another great song off RADWIMPS’s latest album (though I guess it’s been out for a year now).

The only parts I’m not sure about would be the part “A wide street that was never found” and the last two paragraphs. I spent a long time trying to get a translation that made sense with them and I think I’ve finally got something. It’s probably still be a little off though.

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Despair only exists for those who have hope for tomorrow
Betrayal only exists for those who believe in something

Could you call it a wound of honour, given only to those who are brave?
That would be very unfitting to the ratio

There are no sleepless nights for those who desire nothing
This fear doesn’t exist for those who have nothing they want to protect

If there was nothing I could hold, there would be nothing that could be snatched away from me
Nothing can be snatched away from those who don’t realize when they lose something

“Are you still in despair? What were you expecting?”
Thanks for your advice, but I don’t feel like giving up

I know, all of these things
Are compensation for happiness, ten thousand notes

All of them who rode on my shoulders
Will be a set with the opposite meaning, until peace is sent to the one who broke off

Doubt can only sprout in those who know betrayal
And the impurity of gaining that one for one’s own sake can only be hated by them*

But if you follow the path back to where it began, you’ll realize the truth
Just how much something is worth is only seen when it’s let go

“With this body that has become light, I can go anywhere”
No, when I let go it was already too late… I don’t know what it was worth

I know, all of these things
Are compensation for happiness
What’s the yen-dollar exchange rate been recently?

Should I aim for it this time? Because I’ve waited so long
Even in the millions of smiling people of the modern times of the doctrine of efficiency priority supremacy**

If solitude had never be granted, this loneliness wouldn’t exist
Honestly, I stopped believing that

If I gave up on myself, there wouldn’t be any pain anymore
And just with that, I can’t help but love it all

I know, all of these things
Are compensation for happiness
How are the exchange rates of Japan?

And why is it? That it’s embraced so much
This terrible retrogression of culture, that we’re laughed at so much

As for me, I’m fine. It doesn’t even surprise me anymore
Because we’ll be able to meet soon again, the one who broke off is waiting
“You”, who has put it in their hand – a different way to smile,

Are me***


So I’ve decided I might as well post some other translations I do/have done on this site, and I figured it would be good to start with Radwimps, which has been my favourite band along with aqua timez for a few years now. If anyone here hasn’t heard Radwimps before, I’d highly recommend listening to them, cause in many ways they are similar to aqua timez, and they have some really great songs. They also have some weird ones, and can be hard to get into at first, but it’s worth it in the end.

*Well this is really hard to word… it’s pretty much just saying that doubt can only be in those who know betrayal, and that only people who know betrayal hate people who use others for themselves.
** this is what happens when you throw a bunch of kanji together and try and get me to translate it
*** it’s either are me or and me… I don’t really know for sure

As with always, there will be a few parts I’m not sure if I did right, but for the most part I think I figured a lot of sentences that were confusing me earlier.

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Futoshi: Well, I guess you could say “Utai Sarishi Hana” is even more of a conclusion-like thing. But, the real conclusion (“Re:BIRTH”) is repeating a question asked by “BIRTH”. After all, yesterday and today are the same as the pain which might come tomorrow, because I think that a thing called loving will just be more pain. And there is also a fear where we worry if if a thing called “important things exist” will result in the same pain. But, it’s impossible to not treat things importantly, and for that reason we have no choice but to love and treat things importantly, noticing those things. Because what we lose are very important things… You might say we should realize that before we lose them, but if we lose them and regret it, when we remember them, we’ll get used to it happening commonly. On the inside, we have no choice but to learn that. We wrote the song with those kind of feelings.

So in that meaning, there’s a thing called “continiously repeating”?

Futoshi: Yeah. Even in that repitition, people are still humans, so they are always changing… But a variety of things change. Learning so that you don’t repeat your old mistakes is a thing which everyone will surely always remember.

Still, I think there is a sensation in all the foundations of what Futoshi wrote in the lyrics. Important things will someday be lost, so for that reason we have to treat today importantly.

Futoshi: Yes, so I guess that’s what I decided as the theme. That approach was always changing. So, what can be said now was said in this album.

I see. But even so, this album has a lot of different kinds of songs lined up, and yet there are a lot of very “strong” songs.

Futoshi: Well, we don’t really know what’s strong…

mayuko: But we made sure each one was treated very importantly…

Futoshi: Still, it’s because we can’t see it from the outside. I think that everyone doesn’t really know this album that well yet (laughs).

TASSHI: Yeah, it hasn’t been long enough to know what kind of album this was.

Well, in everyones individual opinion, if you talk about what song is left over, what song is it?

mayuko: It is “Re:BIRTH” for me. It really is a good finishing song, but I think this song can do something really amazing… I like it. The feeling of the strings is beautiful, and I think we couldn’t feel the sound of the timpani until now. Also, even I can sing the melody and lyrics of the chorus (laughs).

TASSHI: For me, it’s Velonica. In one song, we make a lot of different feelings come out, when as before, although we could still express this song, it would take 2 or 3 songs to do it. I think we can summarize the variety of parts of such different feelings in one song now. The song made me think that we can do so many more types of songs now.

TASSHI: For me, it’s One. After we finished this album, I would always listen to this song. It really leaves an impression.


Futoshi: Because I like that song (laughs).

(Laughs). Isn’t this a “positive” song? The positive lyrics of  <de ii no desu (…is fine)> are unusually frequent.

Futoshi: Ah… I’ve been able to make songs with warmth in them. I don’t know what that’s called, but while listening to it once it’s completed, my heart became clear. Not everything is done so fantastically, but I like the song.


Daisuke: Well, for me, it’s Kono Hoshi Ni. The signficance that exists there is very deep, in this album, and in myself (laughs). But massigura is the same too.

This song is very fast, don’t you think?

Daisuke: Yes it is (laughs). In the life of my guitar, it’s never played so fast. Up until here, I felt like “I finished playing!” (?) (laughs). In the chorus, it’s really fast, but there’s a lot of music to play, so I feel really good listening to it. There’s something which you can really feel in it. I think that because it becomes a different world when I’m playing such a song live, it is also really fun.

OKP-STAR: For me, it’s STAY GOLD. Like I said a while ago, even there were a lot of strong songs on this album, this is the one where you can really feel its strength. It is something which really pierces you, the sound, the lyrics, and the song. With a simple arrangement and no interludes, the main theme of the intro guitar  is repeated through the whole thing. However, you can feel the strength in that simplicity.

Yes. In this song, there is a part where you say “tori ga sora wo wataru you ni” and “kaze ga hana wo yurasu you ni”. That feels like it’s releated towhat appears at the end of “Utai Sarishi Hana”, the “nukeochita hana yo” and “utai satta hana yo” phrase. What does that mean to you personally?

mayuko: Honestly, I have no idea (laughs)

TASSHI: I don’t know the link

Futoshi: Me neither (laughs).

TASSHI: Wait, there isn’t a link? (laughs)

OKP-STAR: I like that part….

mayuko: I was correct? (laughs)

(Laughs) Even if that’s so, this song might really be the middle of the album.

OKP-STAR: Yes. I wanted to make this song a lot.

Well, having  pieces of work that have been compilated by that many “strong” s0ngs, there was a message that was said word by word at the end.

mayuko: Yes. From the beginning, when we were self produced, we could do this then too, but I’ve learned there are still a bunch of things we can’t do. Of course, we tried as hard as we could, but it will be fun from here on still. Doing things like that, I think it would be great if we could get the people listening to think the music will be fun from here on.

Daisuke: Listening to this album, certainly I hope that people will come to lives. Also, when we preform live, we ourselves are having fun and hope that the same can happen with the people who come to watch us preform. So, we’re getting people to listen, and getting people to come to our lives, and I hope that we can enjoy they songs in the same room.

TASSHI: Up until now, to the people who listen to Aqua Timez, there has always been a variet of different feelings in songs. But I feel like we’ve made an album with a variety of stories. Still, even to the people who have only heard one song on the album or something, there are songs which echo in their hearts. If we can get these people to put that into feelings, then I hope they will listen to the rest of the songs (laughs).

OKP-STAR: Yeah, I want the people who haven’t listened yet to listen for just once. And I want them to come to lives.

Futoshi: I really think we are 5 adults. The meaning of that is that we continued to make this album as 5 people, and I think we even made it a declaration of our intentions. In the process of making it, we tried our bests, and when we went over it together, we all thought it was a valuable experience. Thus, we went over a lot of things. Now, in the significance of making such an album, I think it became an album which faces towards the future. Therefore, I think it has became an album which can get fans to listen to and have responsibility without hesitation. That is the same for people who haven’t listened yet. I think we’ve really came to want people to listen to the album. Thus, I think we can get people to listen and a lot of peopel to buy this album.


No way I’m translating another interview until the next single. This was hell…

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