Sages? Sages.

Lately I formed a band and we’ve been writing dumb music.

We made a short film as well. It’s similarly dumb.


And I made a youtube channel where I cover Radwimps (and occasionally other japanese songs) in english. I may do an Aqua Timez song (probably something from 2005-2006) eventually.


For the past year or so I’ve been listening mainly to Radwimps (listen to them) and English bands, so I haven’t really paid a whole lot of attention to Aqua Timez.I know it’s been a while since the album came out, but I thought I’d give my opinions. Spoiler alert: I don’t really like it.

Onsoku no Fuukei

On its own, this song is a pretty good intro to the album. The only problem is that it’s too dramatic for the rest of the album; the songs that follow it just aren’t that good.

Aurora no Furu Yoru

This is a great song. Futoshi’s voice doesn’t really work that well for these songs anymore, but I’m still glad they tried. With a different singer, it would work really well. The guitar solo is nice, and the song is quite short, which is refreshing to see. It ends before it has time to start to drag on.

because you are you

One of the first things I noticed about this song is that Futoshi’s voice doesn’t sound as high-pitched and annoying as it has been sounding recently. At least not in the verses. The song is a little generic, but I’ll let this one pass. The chorus about halfway through is just creepy though.


After because you are you, we get this song, which starts to reveal my main problem with the album. This song is also very generic, and when it was released it just annoyed me. A lot of it sounds like a rip-off of Niji, and it’s very repetetive.

Wa ni Natte

Same idea as Tsubomi, though slightly better.

Lost Parade

Finally we get to a different sounding song here. It’s not great, but it’s more dynamic and interesting than the others.


I liked this song. It conveys emotion quite well (without getting too annoying), and the instruments are somewhat interesting. I only realized it now, but the song is actually pretty reminscent of Velonica. I wonder if that was intentional.

good sleep

K, this song is just annoying. Bad.

Namari Iro no Fikushon

Well, this song has some interesting lyrics. But the song itself isn’t that good. It’s not a rehash of everything else on the album, but it’s… not that enjoyable.

Kimi to Nara

The best part of this song I’d say is where the other singer comes in at the end. It gives the song some variety that this album really needs. Also, the rhythm of the song, as well as the guitar (especially the fills) becomes much more driving. It makes up for the fact that the rest of the song is somewhat boring. The female vocals just sound out of place though. She should have stuck to harmonies.

Usagi no Shippi



I’ll give Aqua Timez some credit for the verses here; they’re a bit different from what you normally hear from Aqua Timez. Not really my thing, but at least it’s not the same thing over and over. The chorus is very effective, and there’s a decent guitar solo. Still, the song is nowhere near as good as previous album enders.

Overall, the album has some good moments, but it’s still their worst album. 4 minutes into the album and just about everything you hear follows the same structure, is the same tempo, and just isn’t that great. After writing this, I accidently stumbled upon Obaachan, A song I had completely forgotten about. Even a short, simple bonus track like that which sounds like it took 5 minutes to write sounds much better than most of this album.

I can’t hide it now in just the blue of the clear sky
I tucked away the colour dyed black when I saw it fading
But I had no pocket to tuck things dyed black into
Regardless, I knew I should act like a man

Saints and I are similar; We both are shined upon to help others
If someone else was chosen for the sun to shine on
Surely the colour wouldn’t have been given to me

People who deal with only one thing, people who can deal with anything
I, though struggling for every insignificant truth
Am the colour that is beautiful until it turns to ash
Even if you try to shed a tear, the colour won’t teach you a thing

Wise men, the sky, normal people
The interior, dyed with each of their respective colours
You, who put on the light of the sun, were shining colourlessly and transparently

So it couldn’t be dyed in anything, so it could dissolve in everything
So that it could stand uncovered in the space between the heart and the voice

Arriving at white, from black, riding on the train
I visited my parents for the thousandth time
I boarded the train again along that road, and you saw me
When you looked at me as the colour of ash, you said it was beautiful –
that it could fit in with the colours of the rainbow

The voice of a saint in my ears was a help
If someone else was chosen for that voice to reach
Surely you and I would never have met

So it couldn’t be dyed in anything, so I could run away from the colours
What is chosen for this kind of me

I wonder if I’m used to it –
Saying I hate it, because I don’t understand it

I wonder if I could do it –
To put all the colours in this life in my hand

I wonder if I could…



*at this point, theres a bunch of lines like “Don’t x, y” where x and y are synonyms. Instead of trying to make of synonyms where they don’t exist in english and sounding dumb, I’ll just list the verbs he uses:
Love, search, talk, walk, love, decorate, change, lose

An aurora at the the end of a maze, like an illusion

On a carousel of the 25th hour, contrasting with tears,
Let’s smash the thing called eternity to pieces
People come together to make more loved the people called themselves, and instants called single seconds

An aurora at the the end of eternity, like an illusion

On a carousel of the 25th hour, contrasting with tomorrow,
Let’s wear out the thing called a single second
People come together to make more loved the loneliness that will soon come, and the today that will never come again


Title essentially means “The Night Where an Aurora Falls”. Some awkwardly phrased lines to translate in here.

Haven’t heard enough of the album to give my full opinions yet, but this song at least is pretty good. Doesn’t sound as good as some other album openers, but it could grow on me. Hyakunen no Ki definitely did.

I searched for the place the rainbow came from
I went to take some of the abundant light there

It didn’t shine, and nobody could see me
They pretended to understand, but it was fine

So I went off searching for that phoenix
I went to take some of its many feathers

But, you know,
They were all too big for me
And the reasons to pursue them too small

Because even though all I know how to do is shine and then go out
Don’t I look nice when I shine?
That reason to clear up the vision of the muddy tomorrow in sight
Isn’t being told to anyone anymore

It’s okay
I have no name, but when I disappear, be sure to cry for me

At that moment, I want you to find the brightest star in the sky
And make its name my own

Happy things and sad things are always split 50-50
And that’s why in your last breath, it finally equals zero

Even though all I know how to do is shine and then go out
The me that is singing is right here
That smile you show means so much to me
So please stop searching for tomorrow

Even though all I know how to do is shine and then go out
Don’t I look nice when I shine?

And so, in this hurting chest, I’ll take a seed of light along with me
And until I can say that this is happiness, I want to shine

If this is just to be a life of stealing and running away…


This ones been done a few times before, but the translations I saw were both missing something. Mine probably isn’t perfect, but I’m putting it out there anyway

This is a really great song, and one of the first I heard from Radwimps actually. I found it really boring back then, but now its anything but, with all the key/time signature changes. I like the harmonization of the guitar and bass at the very end.

Where can I begin? What are my goals?
I found Eden-like light in a picture
I’m not awake, but I’m not dreaming either
Unable to sleep, I lean backĀ  on the concrete and look up

Branched out above, stars fall and the sky clears
My outstretched arms don’t reach – I can’t feel your sadness

You, while following along, walked right out of a noisy city
As you put away a love and imagined the day we can all smile without hesitation

So many times, we’ve passed right by each other, just like you
Like a monologue, we were singing a song of dawn so very nearby

You, while confused, walked right out of a silent forest
As you imagined the day we can all smile without hesitation

I too, while following along, walked right out of a noisy city
Someday, the time will come where we can smile without hesitation
I too, while confused, walked right out of a silent forest
As I imagined the day we can all smile without hesitation
And that love is now shining


Tsubomi Single Download


Heikou Sekai is way better than Tsubomi. I feel like the chorus melody could have been done a bit better, but it almost reminds me of something off Kaze wo Atsumete, which is nice. It sounds like there’s a guitar solo at one point, but it’s so quiet in the mix you can’t even hear it for some reason. I do love the sound of the augmented fifths in a major key, though.

The remix of isshun no chiri is ridiculously bad though.

In case anyone wasn’t aware, they have a new album coming out in a bit over a week. I’m actually looking forward to a bit, as there’s 10 new tracks. Kimi to Nara was on youtube a while ago, and it sounded pretty good. I’m hoping the intro track is something heavier like they used to do. It’s been a while since they’ve done something like that.

On a side note, Inoue Joe also has a song called “HOME”… one of his relatively few good songs, actually.