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here’s the tracklist

M4.絵はがきの春 -Instrumental-

2nd is nagareboshi no uta (shooting star song)
3rd is sora ni chikai machi (a road/city close to the sky)

they both sound… poetic. i have a feeling like every song on this single will sound the same, but if ehagaki no haru sounds like i hope it will, that’s not such a bad thing

also, on christmas, the song will be played on the weekly radio thing, but unfortunately they stopped streaming the previews on their website, so we’ll only hear it if someone uploads it.


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Updating translations

Today, I’m going to start checking all of my translations (except for a few) in the order they were released and fix a bunch of mistakes that are probably in there

Most of my translations were done a long time ago, so I understand a lot more now than then

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it’s probably accurate, so i’ll be looking forward to this.


sort of small, but all i have.

it’s alright, but there’s no picture or anything, just a bunch of text.

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