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I can’t hide it now in just the blue of the clear sky
I tucked away the colour dyed black when I saw it fading
But I had no pocket to tuck things dyed black into
Regardless, I knew I should act like a man

Saints and I are similar; We both are shined upon to help others
If someone else was chosen for the sun to shine on
Surely the colour wouldn’t have been given to me

People who deal with only one thing, people who can deal with anything
I, though struggling for every insignificant truth
Am the colour that is beautiful until it turns to ash
Even if you try to shed a tear, the colour won’t teach you a thing

Wise men, the sky, normal people
The interior, dyed with each of their respective colours
You, who put on the light of the sun, were shining colourlessly and transparently

So it couldn’t be dyed in anything, so it could dissolve in everything
So that it could stand uncovered in the space between the heart and the voice

Arriving at white, from black, riding on the train
I visited my parents for the thousandth time
I boarded the train again along that road, and you saw me
When you looked at me as the colour of ash, you said it was beautiful –
that it could fit in with the colours of the rainbow

The voice of a saint in my ears was a help
If someone else was chosen for that voice to reach
Surely you and I would never have met

So it couldn’t be dyed in anything, so I could run away from the colours
What is chosen for this kind of me

I wonder if I’m used to it –
Saying I hate it, because I don’t understand it

I wonder if I could do it –
To put all the colours in this life in my hand

I wonder if I could…



*at this point, theres a bunch of lines like “Don’t x, y” where x and y are synonyms. Instead of trying to make of synonyms where they don’t exist in english and sounding dumb, I’ll just list the verbs he uses:
Love, search, talk, walk, love, decorate, change, lose


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