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The fire of the fireplace makes the sound of clapping hands, and if you sing we can be wrapped in the colour of orange
Two mugs are lined up on a table too
The cheek has been slightly made red
Let’s lose words this way…

Outside of the window, in the end of the play meeting of white and silver
The cherry trees blow and spring becomes fragrant


This one is very strange. Don’t ask… It’s what the lyrics say D:

I still have only heard the last two lines.

(translated by myself)

edit: i fixed a few major mistakes which ruined the meaning of the song.. DB


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I’m fairly sure it is… it sounds good too. The piano is a bit different, the guitars are different, but the bass and futoshi definitely sound better. you can really here the backround singing.. i wish they kept it like that. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

now, to find all the other independent versions…. e.e so hard

oh yeah, you can notice a difference with the drums too…. they are kinda louder.

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“It’s okay for you to do what you can do with all your might”
Not a single person taught you this, but it’s alright
Clumsily and purely not being able to get along with people
You, being so fragile, don’t even know how to use tears
My friend, let’s become happy

Holding just one important person tightly, I will believe in the future
Because then we’ll be able to feel a better world

A chance encounter, inspecting each other out, a chance meeting
In a world of separations, you can be troubled over it
Problems, struggles, improving ourselves
A shining light to tomorrow, the road goes on
After mischief, let’s try to understand each scar
Inside of darkness, I think
I want us to become one
We can’t become one
But I still want us to become one

If the differences in how we grew up are too much for us, and we’re seperated,
Let’s scribble love on that wall
It’s mischief but it’s fine

Holding just one important person tightly, I will believe in the future
Because then we should be able to feel a better world..
You can feel it, surely


Second song I’ve translated.. was pretty hard, but I finished it in 2 hours cause it’s short.

I feel happy now, I can finally understand the song x.x

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Kaze wo Atsumete Review

Ok… Hi. This is gonna be a horrible review ๐Ÿ˜€


This song is really popular… and I can see why. It makes a really good opening song (the beginning is epic). The instrumental is really good, especially the violins… and of course, the vocals, but they are always good with aqua timez ๐Ÿ˜›

I like the lyrics too, but some parts I can’t really understand.

I like the bass at 2:05 to 2:13 (and futoshi’s voice sounds cool o.o)

Really good song, but not REALLY amazing. 9/10 (for an aqua timez song)

Hoshi no Mienai Yoru

Another popular song… I like the chorus, the guitar, and the lyrics a lot. The verses are alright, but not that good…

I can’t find much more to say about this song, so 8/10

No rain, No rainbow

I like the song… but I find it pretty boring… The beginning is annoying >_< I guess the song is kinda relaxing, but I don’t like the first half of the song much.

The lyrics are pretty good too. I liked the song a lot when I first heard it, so 6.5/10 (again, for an aqua timez song)

Ketsui no Asa ni

First of all, one of 2 songs I would rate 10/10.

The lyrics are really…deep? The opening and endings to the song really fit, music-wise and lyric-wise. The lyrics seem kinda deep when you first read them but if you think about them they kinda have another meaning… it’s sad.

Besides the lyrics, the music itself is really good too. I like the pv too, though a lot of people don’t… i guess they don’t understand the meaning of it. or maybe there is no meaning to the pv and it was just low budget. lol.

anyway, 10/10

Hachimitsu ~Daddy, Daddy~

I really don’t like the title ._.

The lyrics seem pretty deep, but I don’t really understand all of it.

The song itself is really good, i like the synth part at around 2:40, and then everything after it. I need to find more things to write about these songs D:

Sen no Yoru wo Koete

If this was /10.1, it would be rated 10.1.

I heard this song over a year ago, and it’s still my favourite song… I never get tired of it. lol. I like the lyrics, the song, the instrumental, the pv, etc.

The lyrics are really deep too, and are about something different then what aqua timez usually writes about.

The song itself is the best part about the song :D. Especially the chorus and the ending (violin synth “solo”)… People say that futoshi dances weird, I thought so too. But… what else is he supposed to do? just stand there? that would be weirder. I could probably put up sheet music for this too, if people asked.



For an interlude song, it’s really good xD. I like the piano, and the drums ( just listen to them midsong.. e__e) The song is a good length, and goes into ayumi nicely.

9.5/10 (for an interlude song..)


This was probably the first song with rapping I actually liked… lol. I liked this song a lot last year, and still do. When I found out the chorus was in english i loled cause until then i couldnt hear a single word xD The guitar is really good, and I really like the second chorus and the ending x.x

The pv looks good… but i really want to see the translation to the song. maybe i’ll try to translate it, but i hear it’s hard and i dont want to screw it up. :p



When I first heard this song, I hated most of it… probably because of the “DJ Mass’Skate Sonic” guy… or whatever he/it is. The beginning is … horrible. I hate him DB

But now, I like most of the song. I don’t know what the lyrics mean, but I’m not expecting anything really surprising.
(edit: i know what the lyrics mean now, but i’m not going to upload my translation just yet because there’s a lot of sentences i don’t understand and a lot where i cant figure out the meaning of a few words )

Pretty good song, but nothing amazing… 8.25/10

Futoshi sings with barely any emotion in the chorus.. I don’t see how he could though. D:


I remember listening to this song last year and thinking of how much it reminded me of christmas… lol. Its really hard to listen to this and not get tired x.x It’s also really easy to sing, as someone (you know who you are… not like you will be reading this) pointed out. It’s also a pretty short song. But that’s okay because most of Aqua Timez songs are REALLY LONG.

Turns out when hollow slayer translated it it was about winter… ๐Ÿ˜€

9.25/10, it’s uh… “well done”.

Perfect World

I like this song because it sounds different from what aqua timez usually does… a bit of the song is acoustic, and the song seems to focus on the vocals a lot. I like the lyrics too.

8.75/10, the song itself doesn’t really stick in my head… much, but it’s good.

Itsumo Issho

This song brings back memories of last year, probably because i heard it a lot back then… I like the song a lot, and the pv/lyrics. The verses and part after the second chorus are my favourite >_>

I would rate this 8.75/10, but i think it deserves more then that… 9.4/10

Shiroi Mori

I called this song shiori mori for a long time… lol. This song makes me feel like im in a forest (white? i dunno), especially at the beginning. I like the chorus and the vocals at the end A LOT :D.

I’d say more, but I can’t. 9.7/10.


I think this is probably the best album Aqua Timez has done, but they haven’t done that many. lol.

I’d probably give it 9.7/10.

If you read all this and still haven’t heard this album……….. go listen to it now .__.

Now, I dunno why I wrote all that. The only people that will read this are people hoping there will be velonica english lyrics at the end (admit it :()

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Hmm. Gonna listen to them a bit more… both sound like typical aqua timez to me.

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Kanade Ai

hate naki yume no tochuu de kagiri aru mirai wo nozoku
kimi no tonari de warau no ga boku janai dare ka ni mieta
kimi to mitsuketa chiisana kouen ni tsuita yo
ano hi futari buranko ni notte sora ni chikazuita ne

bokura wa ni ta mono doushi tsukamaete hoshikute nigete
ushinai kakete hajimete ushinai takunai mono wo shiru

wakatte kure nai to shogeru boku mo kimi no koto wo wakarou toshite wa inai
gikochinai yubisaki de kenban wo nazoru mitai ni sotto
kanade au n’darou dare mo shiranu mirai wo

ikutsu mono waraibanashi to ii sobireru ai no kotoba
nishibi ga someru kaerimichi itsumo no dagashi ya ni yoru
chigau aji no aisu wo katte koukan kosuru
kimi wa boku no, boku wa kimi no, eran da aji wo hoshi garu

dakiatte maruku naru tabi hanareru no ga kowaku naru
kawaite ku shinjitsu kara nigeru you ni kuchi duke wo suru

tsugi wo nozoma nakute mo kaze ga peeji wo mekutte yuku tachidomatteru suki ni
boku no shiawase ga kimi no shiawase to wa kagira nai
kanade au ni wa bokura chigai sugita no?

fukyouwaon sae mo aiseta nara kitto bokura soba ni ireta ne zutto
kiri sugi ta maegami wo migite de osaete tereru kimi no
aisubeki shigusa mo boku wa wasureteku no kanaa?


Kanade Ai = ๅฅใงใ‚ใ„, Play Meeting.

I really have no clue on the title. Kanade au as mentioned in the song means play meeting, so I’m guessing ai is a form of that as says all my translators but i have no idea.

I wish some japanese aqua timez fans would help us ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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danro no hi ga pachipachi to utaeba
daidaiiro ni tsutsumareru
TEEBURU ni narabu futatsu no MAGUKAPPU mo
honnori to hoo wo akarameteย  iru
kotoba wo nakusou kono mama …

mado no soto shiro to gin no kanade ai no sono hate ni wa
sakura no ki ga haru wo fuki kaoraseru


Kaori = ่–ซ, Fragrance

Heh, I guess this song is mainly instrumental or something….

English translation available.

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