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“Never hurry, but don’t relax”
Words of Goethe encourage my tired feet
Even heroes didn’t have wings
Of course, as people, they walked with their legs
They were sprained, but they regained their footing and pushed on
All of that, it’s life’s beat
The same flower won’t bloom twice, right?
Nothing in this world lasts forever
One by one, beat from emotion.
Discovery, this continent of my enthusiasm is right here
I push on, accepting there’s a high risk
Miracles don’t fall anywhere
They fall here by ourselves, don’t they?
Holding one flag in wind which feels like it’s attacking it
Gravity is feeling a purpose in life
A written challenge of stepping firmly towards the future reality
Newborn enthusiasm, be full of motivation
At ease I gaze at the darkening west sky
The sun is completely hidden
It feels like a person being left behind alone from business
So I looked up at the sky
“There is no end to  just your sky being dark”
The light of the stars has taught me so
Ideals of monochrome were melted by the moonlight
“Move the reality in front of your eyes”
Help taken from text books may not be so useful
The point’s sharp sophism also finally becomes a mark
It dissolved in the wide, wide sky
If I sit here and wait for love, not moving, will I become a flower?
Or should I become a rolling stone with crumbling faith?
I pick the latter in order to move on, even if I get hurt many times

In the end of these desires, the sun will surely rise
Doubting in an endlessness called “impossibility”, I put my foot in front of the other
Inside of agony, I hide my bloomed philosophy in my chest
Thick darkness is cut up, and the life that exists here echoes

Complaints and actions have a connection of inverse proportion
Excuses are ending, eagerness is vowed
Eternity is escaping, living in this moment
Not everything is glamourous, unrivaled lyrics
The wind which comes along from the far off side brings an answer
Live your life magnificently
Dream + action = stay gold
An age of light climbs the spiral staircase
I respect that person’s ideal of himself being one step ahead
I too am one step, one step closer
The indomitable hero who keeps accomplishing everything, he is his own power’s equal thing
There are things I can’t do
I am only not able to do these things
That is continuously improving
Natural forest things that are green carry on like people who face forward and are exposed to strong progress

Do not try to change someone
When you change yourself, light is spilled into the pitch black campus
Tests and weaknesses were prepared in the human in order to become strong
Come now, should we start? We are becoming strong, indomitable companions
Wind, flowers, forests, sun, mountains, rivers, valleys, storms,
Even deeper than I was taught by you on my desk
I’ve cheered up, and will throw off my armour
The life-sized me shines on my palm, where one small bravery is concealed


I really like the lyrics, and this one wasn’t too hard to translate (just really long)


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Lyrics and song are by futoshi.

Lyrics for the song should be out soon, and the pv in a week or 2 (or 3…)

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I’ve made tons of corrections to songs that I’ve translated recently, and on mognet’s translation of hitorigoto I noticed that they translated “” as planet, and while it can mean that if it’s pronounced “sei”, it’s not, it’s hoshi in the song and hoshi means star… they don’t actually listen to the song, just translate the kanji, so they wouldn’t notice.

I didn’t change it though, because I could be wrong.

Right now my worst translations are probably hitotsu dake and kanade ai… maybe…

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New Album and Single!

Utai Sarishi Hana is the album, to be released on March 11th.

2. Velonica
3. 別れの詩 -still connected- (Wakare no shi -still connected-, Poem of separation -still connected-)
4. 虹 (Niji, Rainbow)
6. 夏のかけら (Natsu no kakera, piece of summer)
7. ほんとはね (Honto wa ne, whatever you translate it as…)
8. massigura (???)
9. 月、昇る (tsuki, noboru, Moon, rise)
10. この星に (kono sei ni, in this planet)
11. きらきら ~original ver.~ (Kirakira ~original ver.~, Sparkle ~original ver.~)
12. One
13. うたい去りし花  (utai sarishi hana)
14. Re:BIRTH
15. 虹 ~Album ver.~ (Niji ~Album ver.~, Rainbow ~Album ver.~

I don’t know how to translate some of them

Here’s the artwork for the single, STAY GOLD

lol….. >_<

It comes with a dvd of on the run and Velonica, STAY GOLD and STAY GOLD instrumental, and is released on march 3rd.

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I wanna dance in the groovy night.
I feel so free.
I wanna dance in the groovy night.
You feel so free.
I wanna dance in the groovy night.
We feel so free.
I wanna dance in the groovy night.

Jump around, let’s collect the scattered stars from night to night
Explosions of sound, da place to be,  crowded parties that we like, groovin’
The dot and dot which become a line transform into eternity
back to the start, running with my initial urges
I’m running, but
For some reason I become very lonely
While praying, for one way or another, that I’ll go and pierce through this lead-colour sky

I wanna dance in the groovy night.
I feel so free.
I wanna dance in the groovy night.
You feel so free.
I wanna dance in the groovy night.
We feel so free.
I wanna dance in the groovy night.

The wind will keep taking away everything
I am going to bravely continue burning the fleetingness here

I wanna dance in the groovy night.
I feel so free.
I wanna dance in the groovy night.
You feel so free.
I wanna dance in the groovy night.
We feel so free.
I wanna dance in the groovy night.

Soon, I’ll look up at the cry which seems like it might cry
I stand still in my foolish contradictions
Yet, even now my enthusiasm is beginning to echo
It makes me go towards an even higher place and climb


This one was really easy…

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Looking into the future as much as possible during an endless dream
I found someone who wasn’t me beside you, laughing
I arrived at the small park which I found with you
On that day, us two on a swing got closer to the sky

We are similar; we run away, wanting to be caught
For the first time, I almost lost it, and now I know I don’t want to lose it

When you don’t understand me, I get discouraged and don’t try to understand you
Like tracing a keyboard with stiff fingers,
We softly played the future that nobody knows together

So many funny stories and missed chances to say words of love
The setting sun dyes the way home as we approach the cheap candy store we always go to
We buy different flavours of ice cream, and then switch ours
You want my flavour, and I want yours

When we hug each other, being separated becomes scary
We kiss so that we can escape from this drying reality

Even if we’re not desiring what comes next, the wind will flip over a page as we stand still
My happiness isn’t limited to yours
When we played together, weren’t we too different?

If even discord could be loved, then I’m sure we could stay at each other’s side, don’t you think? Forever…
You were shy holding in your right hand overcut bangs
I wonder if I’m forgetting that too..


as most new translations, there will be lots of mistakes. not that it matters, cause nobody reads these, but still.

edit: fixed a lot of mistakes.

edit 2: fixed a lot more.

edit 3: fixed more than the last 2.

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Futoshi’s hair is gretting darker, Daisuki’s is red (lol?) and tasshi’s is still blonde…
At least they don’t always look the same.

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